Madrigals is the premier auditioned ensemble at the CVHS, selected from juniors, seniors, and a very few select sophomores through a rigorous audition process.  These students study and perform advanced levels of choral literature composed specifically for small ensembles.  Each year they compete in high stakes choral competitions, including Northern California's prestigious Golden State Choral Competition, and routinely earn Superior ratings.  In 2018 Madrigals earned the honor of First Place Chamber Choir in the state of California.  Madrigals combine with A Cappella S/A and A Cappella T/B to form the advanced large ensemble at the school:  A Cappella.  Madrigals are the leaders and the public face of their choral music program, and serve as the "Musical Ambassadors" of CVHS.

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Concert Uniform


  • “Gavotta” dress in Black/Claret

  • Black character shoes 1 ½“ heel



  • Black tuxedo ensemble

  • Precentor vest in Claret

  • Black neck tie

  • Tuxedo Shoes

Being a part of CVHS Choir was one of best things about high school. Through choir I learned to appreciate the beauty of music that's formed from hard work, patience, and team work. Carefully sculpting a piece alongside people you would never expect to grow so close to is a remarkable experience that no one should pass up. 

J.T., Class of 2013

Madrigals was the best decision I made in my high school career. It was kind of on a whim to try out, but I am so happy to have been a part of it. 

 In October of 2014, we had the opportunity to have a combined outdoor evening concert with St. Helena's high school choir. The venue was so beautiful. At one point before the concert, which was near a beautiful lake, we spotted these swans, so many of us yelled and ran towards them out of excitement. We were all laughing, singing, taking pictures, and dancing in our concert dress. It was so simple, but I think that moment was the first of many that brought us together. 


There was a time when we needed to have more feeling in a piece entitled, "The Stars Stand Up in the Air," by Eric Barnum, so Mrs. Sadoway had all of us stand in a giant circle with our arms stretched out to sing it. In doing so, we faced each other in the most vulnerable way, singing such an incredibly powerful piece. Most of the room was drenched in tears by the end, including me. That piece had become ours. Nobody is going to forget that day. 


At the end, it was so incredibly hard to say goodbye that even now, I can't help but think that we will have just one more concert or one more event. I wish I had gotten more time with this group, but that is what was so beautiful about being a part of it. I told them this, but there has never been another time when I felt more a part of something, or more important, than I did with the Mads. I had finally found a place where I wouldn't be judged for completely breaking out of my shell. I thank all of them for such a wonderful year. 

K.F., Class of 2015

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